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From oil changes to complete engine performance, the Car Repair Company is your one stop shop for all of your automotive needs. Our ASE Certified technicians have the knowledge and the equipment to service your car, and no matter what you need, we always deliver "service done right, on time!" Call us today! 480-949-7777

The Car Repair Company offers same day repairs and has a local shuttle service to take you to your home or office. Please ask about our complimentary shuttle service.

Don't be fooled by unbelievably low price quotes!

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The best way to get an accurate estimate is to inspect the car. We have seen estimates from multi-location chain shops that are sometimes six times the amount of the advertised special price. Many of the services we offer require us to see your vehicle and identify any specific needs in order to quote a price. Please call us at 480-949-7777 for a free vehicle inspection or for more details.

We are also very competitively priced for regularly scheduled service on 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 intervals.

We want to be your choice for routine maintenance and quality repairs at fair prices, even if you've recently purchased a new vehicle. You can bring your car to The Car Repair Company instead of your dealership. We will perform the same high-quality repairs with the same parts — but for less!

Car Tips 10 warning signs to watch for

If you notice any of the problems listed below, get to the Car Repair Company as soon as possible. These are symptoms of more serious engine problems and shouldn't be ignored. (list courtesy of AAA)

  • Your car jiggles or shakes when reaching certain speeds
  • Your brakes squeal or screech when you apply them
  • Your engine makes knocking sounds when you speed up or drive uphill
  • Your temperature gauge abruptly changes
  • Your "check engine" light is on
  • One or more of your tires is making a thumping sound
  • Your car makes clicking sounds when you make turns
  • Your engine keeps running even after you turn off your car
  • Your muffler makes rumbling or hissing noises
  • You can smell antifreeze or notice excess moisture inside your car

Disclaimer: All cars are different and depending on maintenance that has been performed and or neglected, a complete inspection will be required to assure your vehicle is in tip top condition.

  • 15,000 Miles

    • Comprehensive vehicle inspection
    • Oil and filter change
    • Check all fluid levels and air cleaner
    • Under car inspection
    • Check belts and hoses, wiper blades
    • Lubricate chassis
    • Rotate tires and check air pressure
    • Replace air filter
    • Replace fuel filter
    • Service automatic transmission
  • 30,000 Miles

    • Comprehensive vehicle inspection
    • Rotate and balance tires
    • Replace air filter
    • Flush cooling system
    • Flush fuel injection system
    • Check condition of all other fluids
    • Inspect all brakes and C/V joints/boots
    • Tune-up
    • Engine performance evaluation
    • Complete safety inspection
    • Service automatic transmission
  • 60,000 Miles

    • Comprehensive vehicle inspection
    • Perform complete 30k service
    • Replace timing belt (if applicable)
    • Replace fan belts
    • Engine performance evaluation
    • Check cooling system hoses
    • Brake fluid flush
  • 90,000 Miles

    • Comprehensive vehicle inspection
    • Service automatic transmission
    • Radiator flush
    • Oil and filter change
    • Valve adjustment
    • Replace timing belt (if applicable)
    • Check water pump
    • Change axle fluid
    • Inspect or replace air filter and PCV valve
    • Replace plugs
    • Check exhaust
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